Rockford Manor Secondary School, Dublin 2018

Rockford Manor Secondary School, Blackrock and have two Creative Engagement Projects 2018 on the go, Stained Glass and Crochet.

The Transition year Art Class in Rockford Manor have completed 17 stained glass birds, quite an achievement.  It certainly was a different class and all students left very content with their achievement.  The artist is Gerlinde Kugler, was so professional and wonderful with the students. She arrived with all the equipment, soldering tools, a drill, different sets of pliers,a hammer and all the glass pieces pre-cut.  The students loved the project.  It was lovely to see the girls using a drill, the soldering tool, a hammer and a pliers. With well-being on the agenda in schools, this project was right up there. The class was such a positive experience.

Some photos from the Transition Year Art crochet class: with artist Grainne Murphy

Teacher: Mella Brophy