Eureka Secondary School, Co. Meath 2021

Eureka Secondary School, Kells, Co. Meath Creative Engagement Project 2020-2021 was undertaken with the help and guidance of local artist, Anna Moloney. Anna was joined by a group of TY students to complete the project, the students connected with Anna weekly via Zoom calls.
Their patterns and designs were developed before being hand built with ceramic clay. Each student completed a single tile which represented their memory or vision of living with COVID.
The artwork has been placed in the hallway for all to enjoy.
‘The Stories of Kells 2020’
“Kells has a long tradition of storytelling visually through Art. We can see this on the once brightly coloured etched panels on the Kells High Crosses and on the intricately decorated pages of the Book of Kells. The last year has been a very strange and significant time that will be marked in history. Taking reference from the decorative styles of the Book of Kells and the Kells High Crosses, each student designed and built a story panel illustrating their own experiences of 2020/21” -Anna Moloney
Teacher: Emma Glennon
Artist: Anna Moloney