Carlow Institute of Further Education 2019

Carlow Institute of Further Education and Training, in association with the NAPD Creative Engagement Programme, were delighted to engage with three collaborative Artists:                      Bridget Flannery, John Busherand Elwira Bernaciak through three creative paths; Mixed-Media, Mono-Printing and Painting.

Through a series of dialogues and visiting workshops students promoted their skills of abstraction through Mixed-Media, with great artistic expression and engagement using various materials, techniques and processes. Students learnt to develop their visual language challenging their tactile skills and creative techniques further. This led students extending their skills beyond, exploring ideas through research, sketching, journaling and colour techniques applicable. Students followed developing their artistic practice and organic relation with work produced. Additional techniques and processes were explored, furthering their creative skills with scoring and layering of paint and collage materials, analogous to elemental way in which they were represented. A change of emphasis followed, as a primary driving force, creating a greater dramatic tension between linear shape and form, tempering organic surfaces. Thus, atmospheric subtleties were represented through their creative responses to tasks presented with autonomy, logic and form.

Students followed developing their creative skills through the discipline of Printmaking. As such, students learnt to develop a variety of printmaking techniques through the process of drawing and etching in preparation for Mono-Printing. Students learnt to extend their lines of enquiry, furthering their creative processes through image making, utilising the tools involved, which enabled students to consider further techniques suitable for relief work. Referencing perceptual experiences followed, with further investigative studies through a gradual process of reworking. Thus, unearthing forms and contextualizing varying planes of narrative followed, from the physical properties of the medium measured against the resulting imagery that materialised.

Students extended their skills through expressive Paintingusing acrylics and mixed-media. Working with modes of abstraction and expressionism rushes, they furthered their skills with unconventional thinking processes and compositions. Colours and emotions evoked portrayals developed, through techniques of expression, with additional combined materials and collage techniques explored through investigative studies. Developing additional ideas, students learnt to achieve visual effects and skillsets on both canvas and slate, resulting in unique creative responses contextually through modes of abstraction and mark-making techniques. Thus, a visual language developed through shape, form and colour with lines creating unique abstract compositions, which portrayed a degree of independence with visual reference to their thematic context explored.

The final pieces of work are selections from the Creative Arts Faculty groups: Art, Design & Mixed Media andGraphic Design & Visual Communication. Having such a diverse range of students resulted in a wide range of work produced through three creative avenues: Mixed-Media, Printing and Painting.

Artists:  Bridget Flannery, John Busher and Elwira Bernaciak

Teachers: Mary Mooney, Nuala Dalzell-Dunne and Susan Murphy