Bandon Grammar

Bandon Grammar School are fortunate to have Luke Sisk as their Artist in Residence for Creative Engagements this year. Luke Sisk is a full time professional ceramic and glass artist. 10 lucky transition year students are currently halfway through their glass casting experience. Artist Luke Sisk has envisioned a sculptural light piece that will display surface patterns from around the school and Bandon town. Luke is currently teaching students the mould and casting process of found objects and surface patterns into solid glass pieces.

‘I really liked that we were able to create our own pieces which will be but together in the end and have matching colours. Furthermore it was a very nice experience to work with glass.’ – Rhiannon Byrne


Each student has created numerous clay piece based on textured surfaces around Bandon. Other students have enjoyed the experience of impressing school objects into clay to create interesting reliefs. The clay pieces have been placed into plaster moulds and casted.

‘I had loads of fun with the clay and am looking forward to opening the pieces! A great experience as you don’t work with glass everyday. It was nice that we could create our own pieces of art and still can put them all together in the end’ – Aisling Cassidy


For the second workshop students cleaned their moulds and measured the necessary glass to fill their moulds to be fired in a kiln. Bandon Grammar Art Department looking forward to the final workshop when students will open up their plaster moulds and see their final sculptural forms and display to the school.

‘We really enjoyed the glass making experience and learned so much for people who have never done anything artistic before’ – Alex O’Conner and Jason Connelly