Gort Community School – Mental Health Awareness.

This year (2012-2013) for our Creative Engagement project, we decided to focus our attention on and create awareness on the importance of looking after our mental health.   The Leaving Certified Applied 2 class co-ordinated the project. It depicts the dark times that we can experience but, when we open our hearts to the support that is out there, our lives can change. The letters MH mean ‘’mental health’’, but look like people. At the bottom of the mosaic are the words ‘HEAD UP HEART OPEN’’…these speak for themselves!!!

They designed a mosaic (4ft x 4ft) and, with the guidance of local artist, Gerry Ruane, completed the art piece which is now hung in the assembly area of our school. This LCA2 group also organised workshops on various Mental Health issues for different class groups, such on Depression and Suicide, Bullying, Alcohol and Drug Abuse. These were facilitated by Aware, Barnardos and Aids West and a visit by the Samaritans.