Crana College, Buncrana, Co. Donegal 2017

Crana College, Buncrana, Co. Donegal 2017 Creative Engagement Project 2017 is concentrating on comic creations.

” The comic workshop course in Crana College was definitely one to remember. The young people excelled in each stage, from character design to script writing and to the whole creative thinking needed to produce their own comic page using the techniques taught to them about sequential and visual storytelling used in industry. The enthusiasm that flourished was exceptional to see as they attended the course after the first day in superhero like capes which cemented their motivation to produce something that not only means something to them within the theme of healthy more imaginatively and better than in any course that I have ever facilitated. Glad to be a part of this as I’m sure we witnessed the germination of a wave of new generation artists, writers and creative thinkers.”

Danny McLaughlin, Revolve Comics.