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Salesian Secondary College, Pallaskenry’s First Year art students immensely enjoyed the Creative Engagement Project 2018 and were more than a little bit bereft when their external artist Nuala O’ Sullivan had to bid them goodbye! The project enabled them to gain both an insight into contemporary art practice and collaborative art processes. The benefits of such an experience to the students is immeasurable.

Teacher: Ann Mulcahy

i Map

The Art Class are all together in the room, but everyone has made a journey to come together and even when they travel the same road every individual notices different things. Some bits of the road hold very little memory for us, but other parts remain with us.   The line of trees where we notice the seasons, the colour of the sheep against the green of the grass, the road lines like signals for action or even the sign warning us of a bull that shows our favourite combination of colours of yellow and black.

The project began with drawing our routes to school and evolved into imagining starting this process from a height and then moving closer and closer to the earth. A process of imagining and re-imagining our journey occurred culminating in editing and re-editing our drawings and paintings. The aim was to produce a work that included snippets of everyone’s journey and to make a group piece of work that was a visual journey for the viewer where their eye moved around the surface of the work catching glimpses of the student’s journey to Pallaskenry.