Presentation Secondary School, Mitchelstown 2019

Presentation Secondary School, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork have now completed their Creative Engagement Project 2019.

As part of the project, transition year students were given the opportunity to work with professional artist Sean Corcoran from the ‘The Art Hand’ company in Waterford. The project ran for one week at the end of January. This project not only focused on Art but incorporated elements of Wellbeing and current Environmental issues.


The following is a summary of the Creative Engagement Workshop, written by one of the TY students.

For a week in January, every TY student took part in a creative engagement
workshop with the end goal of a fully completed mosaic. Throughout the week,
we were split into groups as there was too many of us all together. Some students
worked on the mosaic while others either returned to class or worked through
the wellbeing side of the project. In brainstorming for our mosaic, Ted (the
instructor) helped us brainstorm ideas and possible themes for the piece. Some
ideas were the landscape of Mitchelstown, a face that embodies and includes
every student, diversity and inclusivity. Every student put forward their own take
on the piece and openly shared their opinions throughout the week. The piece
promoted team-based art and creativity as a group. Collaboration was key in
creating the mosaic. Nobody held back on what they thought could be improved
or what looked rough when stuck down into the mosaic. We ended the workshop
on a positive note by signing all our names on the whiteboard and writing
different encouraging comments. I found the ongoing mix of wellbeing and
creativity piqued my interest and kept me engaged. I think, as a group, we all can
agree that our finished product is something to be proud of and something we
would be proud to claim as ours.


Artist: Sean Corcoran

Teacher: Linda Evans