Patrician Secondary School, Newbridge, Co Kildare 2021

The Patrician Secondary School, Newbridge, Co Kildare 2021 have finished their Creative Engagement 2021 Project.

“Starting with the theme of identity, we looked at unique body identifiers that we all have. Such as fingerprints and iris patterns in our eyes. We asked the students to photograph their own eyes and then supplied each person with a round canvas on which to paint a copy of their own iris pattern.

The discussion around this work centered on the fact that the eye paintings were very like planets in the cosmos. This gave us the idea to base our mural on galaxies and the cosmos with planets that were inspired by our first eye paintings.
A discussion was had with school management and an area of wall was allocated to the mural. The students were so taken with the project that they came in on their own time during the mid term to get the work done.”
Teacher: Kieran Behan