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The title for this project is ‘Ambition’.

As we are a leading CFES school we are constantly talking about the future and career paths. The girls initially came up with images that reflected where they saw themselves in the future. We decided to use screen printing as the technique to realise their concepts as it is a modern technique that they all recognise from posters and album covers.

Artist Neil Dunne visited Mercy Secondary School and helped the pupils with their design process. He helped the girls figure out what the possibilities were. We also took two trips to the screen printing studio Damn Fine Print to produce their prints. This gave the girls an insight into what an artist’s studio is like and how they work. These days in the studio were highly valuable as they helped the pupils see art as a possible career path which can often be overlooked and artist Neil Dunne was only delighted to answer all of their questions.

Many areas of learning were covered through taking part in the Creative Engagement Project.

Art Teacher: Caroline Mc Corriston

Artist: Neil Dunne