CBS Thurles

This Year under the Creative Engagement Programme 2020 the CBS Thurles turned to the Walls Project in Waterford.

They needed:

  • Ideas – these were generated by the TY students using Key Words
  • Funding – awarded by the Creative Engagement Programme and the BOM
  • 15/20 TY students to work on the project for stage 1 ​
  • Send ideas to The Walls Project – they will work up ideas based on our key words, sketches, and research.


Why did they chose this project for 2020?

  • Bring some renewal to the walls of the school yard​
  • Encourage whole school engagement through the student council
  • Engage students with VISUAL CULTURE​

Working with Waterford Walls:

  • They could bring the expertise of an external artist
  • They have an arts-in-education programme. This entails an artist/artists/ artists groups coming into the school to work with the students and imparts their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to the students.  ​
  • This type of engagement encourages creativity, initiative and expression in students and complements learning in the arts, heritage and culture.​

A little about Waterford Walls:

Waterford Walls, founded in 2015, is an international street art festival, managed by The Walls Project, that has worked with some of the largest and most well-known national and international names in Street Art to transform Waterford into Ireland’s largest and most accessible outdoor gallery.​ Their mission is simple-to use arts as a medium for rejuvenating and inspiring urban space.​

Where in the School:

​The Starting size is 10 feet x 4  for the project​ – this wall is a visual connection to the yard and the school building.  Students gather here every day at lunch.  It is a space that could support a visual statement.

Stage 2 is later in 2020 – Waterford Walls is offering a free workshop to be held later on in 2020. ​

“The Arts Council of Ireland has awarded The Walls Project funding for a workshop programme, and we would love to include your school as one of the five youth groups that we would love to include in this programme. This free workshop (from The Walls Project) could be a follow up for this upcoming workshop in March, and the students could get to work with stencils on a second session of the long wall”

The final idea for the wall came from the heritage of hurling together with the space education affords the students here.  That opportunity is here. They can take flight.  The hand represents nurture, reassuringly open, supportive but allowing for growth, even after you leave.

The repeating Sun motif brings the background warmth of the setting or rising sun.

The Project took a day from start to finish with 19 TY students engaging in all aspects from designing stencils, to  demonstration sin how to use the different caps on spray paint, to colour theory.

The project was wonderfully engaging and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Cristina Ciampaglione, Magda and her assistant MJ at the Walls project.