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Mayfield Community School’s Creative Engagement Project 2016

Respect for Every Branch: “Together we Learn, Together we Respect”


This project centers on themes of respect, both given and received, with a group of Transition Year students from Mayfield Community School. Taking the school crest motto as a starting point (‘Meas ar gach craobh’- ‘Respect for every branch’) the students explored themes such as embracing diversity, self-respect and working collaboratively within their school environment. The project was facilitated and held in Mayfield Arts Centre, a designated arts organization located within walking distance of the school. Mayfield Community School has a strong history of working with this arts Centre, having previously conducted successful Creative Engagement Projects with them in the past.

The entire TYP group was selected for participation as this was seen as a suitable age group to explore ideas of respect. Students were initially introduced to the theme and concept of the project, including visual examples of desired outcomes. Facilitators lead a discussion on what respect means as well as different ways it can be given and received. Various forms of respect were explored: Self-respect, respect for difference, respect for rules, respect for feelings and respect for environment.

Students were invited, to give examples under the above headings. They were then invited to design new symbols and slogans of respect, which were carried out using coloured vinyl and permanent inks on Perspex tiles. These individual pieces are combined together at the end of the project and hung over the window spaces of the school – like the pieces of a puzzle.

A second element of the project is a large tree shape, cut from transparent vinyl and installed on the windows of the school library. Each student is invited to add their coloured ‘leaves’ to the tree creating a colourful installation reflecting the diversity and creativity of each student. As the sun shines through the windows of the school the tree will give an effect of stained glass, illuminating the interior spaces.