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The Creative Engagement 2017 stained glass project commenced in January in Coláiste Cois Life. One double class per week has been allocated for the workshops.

We have had 3 experimental drawing classes with the stained glass artist Peter Young. Students used a variety of materials (paint, pencil, oil pastel, chalk, charcoal) to complete observational drawings on A2 paper. The drawings were made using a variety of methods including: blind drawings, using their opposite hand, drawing with both their hands simultaneously, experimenting with how and where they held the drawing medium.


Some student quotes regarding the processes:

‘I thought the process was fun and engaging. It was a different way of drawing that made an art class different and interesting. It made us try new things and techniques’

‘I found the workshops that we were doing with Peter extremely productive but also very enjoyable. It was fun to try drawing in a different style i.e using charcoal and the opposite hand. Seeing as ‘nature’ was the chosen theme it was cool to see all the different ideas the other students have come up with for the glass.’

‘The process was odd to say the least. Peter Young had us not only randomly using different drawing tools but also had us holding them in different ways. I certainly found it interesting, if not a little confusing. I enjoyed it.’

‘The classes were interesting and a fun way to try new drawing techniques.’

The class are making a trip to the National History Museum in March to make some observational drawings. They are also looking at the following artists for inspiration; Gavin Lavelle, Salvador Dali, Hieronymus Bosch, Henri Matisse.